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While saving you time and money

Get an outbound system up and running in 14 days - with only 2 hours of work from your side

Did you know that 99% of businesses that tried outbound and failed, never tried outbound again?

Here is the problem they faced: After investing time and money with an agency or even in-house to set up the outbound system, they end up getting little to no results.WHY?While the reasons can be so many, sometimes it comes down to a few key ones:

1. Not having a proper outbound offer.
2. Not tracking metrics
3. Low-quality lead list

One of those reasons is enough to fail at outbound.This means they struggle to make cold email an actual reliable system of getting clients. On top of that, whenever they get offered to run cold email campaigns for their business, their INSTANT reaction is:


Why does outbound not work for everyone?

Pretty simple: TIME and MONEYNow, let me be more specific.You need time to test campaigns, iterate, and see what works & you need money to have the systems up and running.Examples:1. You test 3 different campaigns and none of those bring in leads, then you decide that outbound doesn't work for you - the reason for failing is TIME, if you put more time into testing, you will eventually get results.2. You pay thousands upfront on the systems/agencies and after 30 days you don't see any leads coming in so you decide that outbound doesn't work for you - the reason for failing is MONEY.

Is there an actual solution for this?Luckily, yes.Whilst outbound does not work for a FEW types of businesses, the rest don't have the excuse that "OUTBOUND DOESN'T WORK"Usually, if you're selling a high-ticket service, you know your target audience and you have past clients, then outbound is going to work for you.


Having this type of system is no complicated task, but rather a simple one.You will just need to have a:


1. Proper setup
2. High-quality Lead List
3. Outreach Copywriting
4. Inbox Management
5. A/B Testing + Tracking

Now, this is not complicated but it takes time and money to implement.Sometimes too much time and too much money.But this doesn't have to be the case.You can have an outbound system without spending large amounts of money upfront or giving up half of your working hours to it.

I've built systems like this for clients & I can help you too.

How it works?

1. Fill this form

This form has one singular purpose: Replace a discovery call.Even if you're not sure yet if this is for you, you can still fill in the form, we'll get back to you with a simple email with more details for you to look at.

2. Get an email back

Based on your answers, we send you an email in 24 hours.

3. In case you're a good fit, we hop on a call.

If both parties consider it might be a great idea to work together.

What exactly will you get from working with us?

An A-Z outbound system, meaning:

1. Software setup is our initial step.
2. Targeted lead list creation.
3. Customized cold emails for your business.
4. We handle email replies and lead transfers.
5. A/B Testing optimizes campaign performance.
6. Weekly, monthly reports, and lead tracking.
NOTE: We do not handle sales calls on your behalf.

Results, all we care about.

Campaign Number 1: (Smartlead)12 interested leads in total

Campaign Number 2: (Smartlead)3 interested leads in total

Campaign Number 3: (Instantly)2 interested leads in total

Campaign Number 4: (Instantly) - USA + EU10 interested leads in total

Campaign Number 5: (Instantly)19 interested leads in total

Campaign Number 6: (Instantly)43 interested leads in totalImportant to mention: This campaign was for a "Free Trial Signup" for a SaaS

Campaign Number 7: (Instantly)9 interested leads in total

So, essentially what we do is:

Set up the Cold Email SystemFind & Contact Your Ideal Client Persona.Book Sales Calls For You.


We guarantee that we will save you time and money.We guarantee you don't need to spend thousands upfront before you see results.


Although I shouldn't write this here ( not good for conversion rate apparently) I decided I would for one reason:

I want people to see how simple it is to get started with us.

The burning question: Is there going to be an upfront cost?Yes

All we need to get started is 30 domains from you ( if you already have them, you don't have to purchase them again).

That's it, no monthly tech costs or anything like that. Purchase 30 domains one time and that's it.Side Note: It costs a few hundred to purchase those.

some of the businesses we worked with:

If you understand what we do & want to go straight to the point, schedule a call.

Our Secret Weapon: We invest in our skills on a regular basis. Currently, we're part of an exclusive mastermind that we consult with when serving our clients.